At S&S we specialise in air conditioning service for all kinds of vehicles and equipment

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working-on-equipmentS&S provides all labour and project management for our repair work.  We can even refer you to third party providers when your job requires additional expertise we cannot provide.

We bring all our own tools and machinery to work on your vehicles or equipment. We come equipped with popular parts and accessories, including the ability to manufacture our own hoses.

Personalised Service from S&S

Count on us  for all your cooling services. Our technicians bring years of professional experience to every job we manage.

We can diagnose your problem quickly and provide fast pricing for repairs or replacement of your equipment.

Our field trucks stock most common parts and what we don’t have on hand we can get quickly through our vat network of suppliers.

We understand that no one ‘plans’ for a breakdown, so when they do happen you want to get back up and running as quickly as possible. S&S is set up to help you do that.

25 Years and Counting

It’s no secret why S&S has been in business for 25 years.  Our service and support are what keeps customers coming back again and again.  Business owners know the difference between pretenders and suppliers that know their craft.  At S&S we know our stuff.